hElLo aLl......i bId u gOoD dAy aNd eNjOy rEaDiNg mY bLoG.....^~^

Thursday, December 30, 2010

a Happy New Year posttt!!!

hello all......its me!!!here with happy and glittering face....huhuhu
anyway, since it will be new year tomorrow, i just wanna drop by
and sending my love, wishes and best regards to u all....
i really know that i wont be doing anything special for da new year eve...
i might be chatting in fb in new year eve..haha..
well, i do hv few wish this year....i hope that i will loss weight..
that for starter about 5 or 6kg..haha...n then i wanna ace in all of my
subject in my new class next year....then, ermm...what else???
maybe i wanna hv new frens, or get myself a bf..kuikuikui...>,<

well, for the end of my speech(that doesn't look like a speech at all??!)
i wanna thank all of u my fwen for supporting me this year n hope that our frendship will last for ever n ever....haha.....dunno what to say anymore...
n i really hope that our bond will be deepen deep than da bottom of da sea higher than any mountain n absolutely delicious than any food on da earth....